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“A man is but the product of his thoughts; what he thinks, he becomes

Mahatma Gandhi

ChetanGupta101.com was started by me in April 2020.

I belong to a business family everyone in the family is involved in some or other business, I somehow couldn’t adjust to the same. Now I’m only one who has a formal job in the corporate world. Though my start was no different I had started arbitraging right at the age of 13 with the help of my friends and with some borrowed money from my mom.

The scope of the work I used to do had a few limitations too. Winning people’s trust was the biggest for me at that time. I was successful in that and had made a profit of Rs. 2000 by arbitraging. Of course, the scale wasn’t that high and was finding it difficult to manage between school and the arbitrage business I was doing.

After my matriculation, I planned to take up a few odd jobs for pocket money. Right from working in a Call Center, to working as a hardware technician for some time.

Technology & Computers used to fascinated me a lot, I remember those days when the Internet was a new sensation among people and everyone used to run to a cybercafe in the locality to browse the internet, chat, and do various other things.

I think my digital journey started somewhere there. Opening an email account was a huge task for me, it was soon followed up by creating an account with Orkut and adding friends :D.

I had developed a sense of liking the internet and computer. It still pulls me towards it. Hence with the same itch, I started ChetanGupta101.com in April 2020 with a mission to help people in and around me to get them online. Helping them to create their online identity till making money online.

Today, I’ve turned to be a Digital Advertisement professional by day and blogger by night, I started blogging after learning from various online and offline sources. Among those I’d like to name a few whom I’d consider as a mentor one such person is Deepak Kanakaraju.

Apart from the regular work which I do for a living, I wanted to do something which makes me feel happy and get a sense of satisfaction it should also add measurable value to my life and in that pursuit, I started chetangupta101.com.

Helping people is a perennial disease I suffer from, my mission is to help more and more people come online, create their online identity, and make a parallel income source from it.

Like, everyone, I was pretty nervous with the idea of doing something of this sort, but I was determined and started taking baby steps and seeing results. I feel If I can do it then everyone else can also.

If you are connected to the Internet, that brings in equal opportunity to everyone, all one needs to do is take action without worrying too much about the results.

ChetanGupta101’s objective is to create a one-stop resource for Digital Marketing and related stuff. This is absolutely free to use to all, learn, and spread the word.